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About Charity Work


Gary has always been passionate about and committed to helping others. “I was given an amazing opportunity in life, for which I’ll be forever grateful. That one moment, that one decision can change a person’s life forever. I want to create as many of these moments as I can for others. Getting anywhere meaningful in life, can not be done alone”.

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The Overlap

All of the money generated from The Overlap’s YouTube channel in its first year was donated to Macmillan Cancer Support and the Alzheimer’s Society. - “Two charities that do amazing work and that bring so much to so many people’s lives. It’s fantastic to be able to support them where we can.”
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Five A Side Games

Long after they’d hung up their boots professionally, the Class of 92 have been auctioning Five-A-Side Games for teams to play against them, with all proceeds being donated to Charity. Despite a slower pace and perhaps slightly tighter t-shirts than in their playing days, these matches have now raised in excess of £1m for Charity.

Opening Stock to the Homeless

In 2015, during the refurbishment of the Stock Exchange building, around 50 homeless people accessed the unmanned premises and declared squatters' rights. Rather than evicting them, Gary and his partners allowed them to stay in the building for five months, whilst access to the building was not required, spending in excess of £100,000 to make the building safer and secure for them, with 40 of the original group being re-housed.
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NHS in Covid

During the Covid pandemic, we opened Hotel Football and Stock Exchange, which were closed to the public, for NHS health workers who were allowed to stay there without any cost, when they needed isolation away from family members who might be affected. This was the least we could do to help support them and say thank you for their amazing effort during that time.